Ocean Flares is FAR’s genesis work in solana, and a continuation of his ongoing exploration of the representation of water with computer graphics.

Ocean Flares

Ocean Flares is a collection of 16 unique artworks depicting an Ocean Simulation registered in Solana Blockchain.

Each Ocean Flare was generated using different tools  combined: 3D modeling, Fluid Simulation, and Scripting. The resulting video loop is encoded and stored in the permaweb using Arweave.

Water Games

An Archeology of the Representation of Water in Video Games.

We might often see a realistic simulation of water in contemporary video games; however, the development of its representation can be traced to the early days of gaming, from the 8-bit programs through to the birth of 3D graphics.

The representation of water is one of the hardest things to be done in a game, especially if the aim is to be realistic.

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Collection of Seascapes created using a combination of wave simulations using multiphysics software simulation, Artificial Intelligence, coding, and 2D creation tools.

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